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2023 Learn to Skate

  • Summer Kick Off Session (May 16-June 20, 2023)
    May 16-June 20, 2023 from 5:45-6:30pm
    Swonder Ice Arena, 209 N Boeke Rd, Evansville, IN 47711, USA
    This 6 week learn to skate session will be May 16 - June 20. The classes are every Tuesday from 5:45-6:30pm each week. This will be the last session leading up to the facility closure. Ice will not be available for an estimated 6-10 weeks for repairs. Our next session is set to begin in Sept.

Class Levels

Snowplow (Ages 3-5):

It's all about fun!  Get your skater on the ice by introducing them to the basics. Our snowplow levels (1-4) get them moving by allowing them to feel comfortable on the ice.

Basic Skills (Age 6+):

Our basic skills classes get your skater comfortable with moving across the ice!  Upon completing the 6 levels, your skater will master skills necessary to succeed in hockey or figure skating!


Pre-Free Skate:  

This class is for skaters who have accomplished the Basic 1-6 curriculum. This class will transition your skater from the basic skills to the more advanced within the Learn to Skate structure.  


Specialty Classes:  

Our specialty classes are for skaters who have passed the Pre-Free Skate level and are looking to continue to progress within our programming by participating in our rotating class opportunities.  There is no limit on skating level at this time to participate in our specialty classes.  Our specialty class this session is our Free Skate 1-6 class.



This class is for teens and adults of all skating levels​.

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