Greater Evansville Figure Skating Club

The Greater Evansville Figure Skating Club provides a great way to develop your figure skating skills as well as providing an opportunity for you to demonstrate those skills on one of our Club Ice Shows. When you become a member of our Club, you will also become a member of the United States Figure Skating Association. Most importantly, we want you to have fun, make friends, work hard, and use all you have learned to skate through life a blade higher than the rest!

In 2017, GEFSC will be hosting the National Theater on Ice Championships in Evansville, Indiana.


I Want Candy!!!

It’s that time of year when we begin to think about the holidays!  Please consider donating a bag of candy to help fund the GEFSC Learn to Skate Gingerbread Jingle on December 3.  We are asking everyone to bring in at least 1 bag of candy by Nov. 29.  There will be a collection basket under the GEFSC board.

Gingerbread Jingle Details.pdf

Here are just a few types:

M & M’s                       Mini Chocolate Bars                  Laffy Taffy

Smarties                        Peppermints                             Candy Corn

Jolly Ranchers               Twizzlers                                  Nerds

Pez                               Sour Patch Kids                         Starburst

Reese’s Pieces              Skittles                                     Tootsie Rolls

Gummi “Anything”     Necco Wafers                          Hershey Kiss

Lifesavers                      Jelly Beans                              Sixlets


Any type size, shape, color, or taste will do.  Sprinkles and Colored Sugar are also welcome.  PLEASE:  NO “HALLOWEEN” SHAPED CANDY


Scott Hamilton Camp Summer 2015!

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