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Future Stars Class

This class is for skaters that are at the learn to skate snowplow or basic skills levels. Skaters will have a routine choreographed by one of our coaches for the Skate Evansville Competition that will be taking place August 21st-August 22nd, 2021.
Future Stars Class

Time & Location

Varying Times Available
Evansville, 209 N Boeke Rd, Evansville, IN 47711, USA

About Learn to Skate

Does your skater want to experience their first figure skating competition but you don't know where to start?  This class is for you!  Not only will the skaters learn a routine customized and choreographed just for them but parents will also receive all the information necessary for getting their skater ready for the competition experience.  

How the class works

Skaters:  The skaters will recieve a personalized program that fits their personality and comfort level.  You and your assigned coach will work out 4 lesson times leading up to the competition date (August 21st-August 22nd).  Our coaches will choose your skaters music and choreograph their entire routine.  You will also recieve a CD of your skaters music once it is cut to the correct length (a download will also be emailed to you).  One of our coaches will also be in charge of putting your skater on the ice for the competition.

Parents:  The parents of each athlete will learn how to register their skater into the entryeeze website for the competition.  This process can be a little confusing so we will walk through the steps with you in person.  Parents will also recieve all information necessary for the competition such as: attire, practice wear, competition practice ice, navigating the competition announcement, and more!


  • Coaching Fee (paid directly to your assigned coach): $80.00
  • Class Fee paid for online: $45.00
  • Overall class total: $125.00

****This class does not cover the entry fee for competition, attire or competition practice ice.****

If you have any questions please contact us at!

  • Future Stars Class!

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