Practice Tests & Exhibitions

Practice Test & Exhibition

August 24, 2018 5:30p.m.-6:30p.m.

  • Athletes will be able to run their moves in the field tests, dance patterns, showcase, or free-skate programs
  • Skaters will have the ice to themselves and not have to navigate around other skaters
  • Coaches will be available for feedback on moves in the field tests

Please fill out the form below and submit payment.  Your spot will not be held unless payment is received.  We only have an hour of ice and it will be first come first serve.  A skating order will be put out that day and standbys will be listed in case we have extra time.  There is no guarantee that standbys will be able to skate but we will do our best to accommodate everyone.


Moves in the field – $16     Free-skate – $12      Dance – $12     Showcase – $12

To pay click below

Moves in the field Freeskate, Showcase, Dance