Future Stars Class


Tuesday 6:15p.m.-6:45p.m.             July 31, 2018 – September 4, 2018

Cost: $100 (6 weeks of class)


If you choose to compete with us at Skate Evansville you will be required to pay the below amount.

Skate Evansville Entry Fee: $65.00 (Due Mid August)

Practice Ice: $12.00 (Used on the day of competition)

Skating Dress: $50.00 (Approx)


Parents will also be walked through the entry process, question and answer session, information about the GEFSC club will be explained, and many more tools you can use to help your athlete along their skating journey.  Skaters will be given a routine based appropriately on their age and level.  The coaches will work with them to make sure they are ready to compete at Skate Evansville on September 8, 2018.  Skaters who take this class do not have to do the competition.  If you chose this option please let us know at the start of class.  Please email any questions to Catherine@gefsclts.org or call 8124844412.


Pay for Future Stars!